PRAYED: Naked before the LORD

LORD, please forgive me. My garments of pride and self-sufficiency keep me from being naked before You…

The more I resist Your revelation of my need for You, the more of my old wardrobe I am wearing. In that separation, do my words clang like cymbals in Your holy ears?

My hard-hearted unwillingness to confess keeps me in my sin. My unwillingness to be broken before You and others keeps my tongue from speaking authentic love.

Forgive me, O LORD, and wash me white as snow. Pour Your new mercies upon me this morning as my need for You is greater than my desire to have my own way.

I need You to dress me. Clothe me in Your salvation and righteousness instead of the shame and pride I am wearing. Strip me of all that my flesh clings to and dress me for action in Your power. Cover me with Your armor.

May my life bring glory to You this day.


PRAYED: Prayer for Pastors

Lord, shelter Your anointed shepherds under the cover of Your wing.
Fill them as vessels, allowing Your Spirit to pour forth from their lips.
Close their eyes and ears to anything that would keep them from hearing Your direction.
And, may they see friends wherever they look.
I ask these things in Jesus’ name.