• I’m a purposeful servant in love with a faithful & forgiving God •

• I’m a joyful and & blessed home school mom of three beautiful hearts decidedly set on pilgrimage •

• I’m a passionate writer, desperately and obediently trying to “Write The Vision” •

• I’m a daughter, sister, cousin, friend who is infinitely grateful for every opportunity to cheer others along in our daily journey to the foot of the cross •

• With God’s unfailing love, Christ’s perfect example, and the Spirit’s gentle leading, I hope to be tremendously successful at all of the above…But, the truth is, I might not ever achieve “tremendous”. There are days when I’d be happy with “good enough”. So I continue to rest my faith where it has never had reason to waver, where I know it is most protected: under the wing of my Lord.

What could be more tremendous than that? •


I welcome your encouraging, constructive feedback!

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