BLOGGED: I am a disciple

Jesus said, “Follow me.”
I dropped my [own agenda for my] life and followed Him.
I am a disciple.

Like Peter, I am impetuous and bold. I have found redemption from my unfaithfulness and I have a strength that can only be found in Christ.

Like James, son of Zebedee, I foolishly fought to control my place in God’s kingdom and then chose to surrender my will in order to receive my true inheritance.

Like John, I have come to know how much I am loved because of my friendship with Jesus.

Like Phillip and Andrew, I believe wholeheartedly in the Messiah and seize opportunities to share Him with others.

Like Bartholomew, I practice the discipline of my faith so I will recognize the work of God when I see it.

Like Matthew, I have abandoned my old master for a new One. I no longer serve the kingdom of this world but, instead, serve the kingdom of Heaven.

Like Thomas, I have occasionally doubted God’s goodness but I would also die with Him at a moment’s notice.

Like James, son of Alphaeus, though clearly significant in God’s eyes, I know how it feels to seem insignificant to others, as if just one name on a list of twelve.

Like Simon, I am passionate about bringing the kingdom of Heaven to earth and I zealously pursue the kind of Spirit-filled living that carries the aroma of Christ.

Like Thaddaeus/Lebbaeus/Judas/Jude, sometimes I get lost in all my names: Mom, friend, daughter, sister, writer, minister, counselor…I need God’s gentle reminders of who He says I am.

Like Judas Iscariot, discontentment has enabled me to justify betrayal. Judas reminds me that I can have the best teachers and still stray from my faith. And that, sometimes, my testimony will be what NOT to do.

Like Mary, my teacheable heart sits at the feet of wise rabbi-friends and one all-knowing Rabboni.

Like Paul, I have come to understand that knowing the Scriptures isn’t enough. I need the ongoing confrontation of Christ in my life so He can address the appalling disconnect between what I know in my head and what I believe with my heart — a disconnect on display in the disparity between what I say and what I do. The very real difference between knowing about God and knowing God.

I am a disciple.

I stand on the shoulders of disciples who have gone before me and offer a helping hand to those who come after me.
I am a disciple.

What kinds of things have you learned about Jesus from the disciples that have gone before you?

In what ways do you imitate the life of Christ to the disciples following behind you?

I invite you to leave your own thoughts below.